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Jay Stevens
I uploaded a video - but it's showing as too wide for the screen.  Not sure why Bridge didn't automatically resize it like it did with my others.  Suggestions?  (I already tried re-uploading).   Thanks,   J
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Susan Stewart
I am building a SCORM course and we want to include a button from the course the learners are in to another course in the learning library.  I thought I heard that that is possible but I can't remember how it is done.  
in Community Q&A
I am having some trouble with checkpoint approvals.  I have a trainer that I have assigned as a checkpoint approver in the checkpoint settings.  He gets the notifications that he has approvals waiting but when he goes to "my approvals" there is nothing there to approve.  Can this be because he does not have the role of checkpoint admin?  Isn't… (Show more)
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Robyn Pulsipher
I'm trying to download evidence that was uploaded for a checkpoint. I can't find anywhere to download the files and I haven't found anything in the help articles either. Help!
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Tina Contillo
I am trying to see the time employees are taking for each Safety Course. These hours go on their timesheet under training.
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Lily Philips
Click to view contentFrom personal experience, the Content Services team here at Instructure knows that designing employee-focused courses can be both challenging and rewarding. When it came time for us to design our own training materials in Bridge, we realized that a Course Evaluation Checklist tool (similar to our Canvas version) could really come in handy. So, we… (Show more)
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Janice Pizzurro
Is there a way to prevent users from enrolling in learning events (courses, programs, or live trainings)?  Some of my users don't want their employees to take learning events that have fees.
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Weiwei Zhang
We are exploring the option of using learning library to host training courses, but I've run into a difficult situation in testing.    I could put a course in the learning library, and assign due date and expiration date. Here is the problem: If I set auto re-enrollment, this library course will become required once it expired; if I don't sent… (Show more)
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Margie Garza
How do i put a employee on leave?
in Community Q&A
I cannot access bridge site to do my training for aged care?
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