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Jason Roberts
Hello, I'm looking to provide a link to a course within a program, that wouldn't enroll the participant in the course again. Think of it like, "Click here to review a previous course. (one that they've already completed within that program)" I found the share course link, however, that makes it appear that it will enroll them in the stand-alone… (Show more)
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Brad Buccambuso
I accidentally approved a checkpoint evidence submission by mistake. I cannot get the checkpoint to "reset" or "reopen" using CSV upload by changing the status column from "completed" to "assigned." This checkpoint is part of a program. Has anyone been able to reset or reopen a checkpoint?
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Allison Kemp
We have a lot of staff members who receive certifications from outside entities. I'm think specifically of teacher certifications issued by the state. Those certifications expire and we'd like to use Bridge to manage who is certified in what and when that certification expires. My first thought is to set up a Checkpoint for each type of… (Show more)
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Juliana Marciniak
Once someone completes a program I would like a system generated certificate to be available to print which outlines all the courses they completed to obtain certification for that program.
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Peter Huppertz
I try to delete/unenroll a user who finished a program from it for testing purpose. I tried the variant with "Remove via CSV" with the unique identifier as the only content. First time it said it removed the user, but he is still in the list of learners. On subsequent requests it says 0 users removed. I also tried via… (Show more)
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Bhargav Somaiya
Hello,   I plan to make interactive videos using H5P (H5P – Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications ). Currently, I'm unable to embed the content inside of Bridge courses. Hence, wanted to know if in the near future this could be a possibility.   Thanks!
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Carlos Naranjo
In what order are the courses displayed on the My Learning page
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Peter Braxton
For Add Learners via CSV for a Live Training, it seems to only let you pick the course as a whole, not the individual session.  I guess that makes sense if you're telling people they need to take a course, and then they get to pick which offering to attend (within the set enrollment limits).  In our case, learners have registered via an external… (Show more)
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Barrett Doran
Click to view contentSo we know a lot of things that aren't Employee Development: Comfy Chairs, Free Pizza, Unlimited Vacation Days….. But what is Employee Development?   We know that employee development today requires organizations to understand what people want from their careers, what they value, and what drives their passions and decisions. Without that… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am designing a programme for our staff which will contain around 9 courses. Additionally, we would like to include a 10th - optional-course in the programme which will contain case-studies that people can look at if they are interested since they are rather long.   Is there any way of adjusting the settings in a way that only courses… (Show more)
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